What's inside

AshokaHub enables social entrepreneurs in Ashoka’s global network to:

  • Find the right connections
  • Contact one another
  • Exchange knowledge, resources and opportunities
  • Share up-to-date information

Members of the Ashoka network can find, contact and support each other based on mutual interest.

  • Share institutional knowledge, find expert support, communicate with colleagues around the world and get to know other members of the community
  • Unlock potential within the Ashoka community by finding partners and funding opportunities to help you meet your strategic needs
  • Meet new Fellows, potential collaborators and innovators in your field of work

An Offer is something you want to share with the community. Create an Offer, and others with similar interests and expertise will see it.

  • Share your latest research on revenue-generating models for social entrepreneurs in your field by creating an Offer
  • Create an Offer for pro-bono support for entrepreneurs interested in sustainable innovations
  • Share strategic contacts, such as recommended mobile developers or respected journalists
  • Offer some of your time to be a mentor or coach, or simply lend a friendly ear to someone that might need support

Getting a strategic need met can make the difference between success and failure. Create a Need, and AshokaHub will show it to those most likely to have the expertise, knowledge or resources to address it.

  • Identify potential board members with specific expertise and background for your organization
  • Find a Fellow that can give you advice for a meeting with a funder
  • Ask for help to understand the legal system in a country where you’re scaling your work
  • Find potential panelists to help select Ashoka Fellows or jurors for Changemakers competitions

An Event helps you share information about what’s happening and when.

  • A conference related to your field of work that you are organizing or attending, or that you recommend
  • A must-attend event for social entrepreneurs
  • A training or workshop that you found extremely valuable
  • A public celebration for your organization that you would like to promote within the Ashoka community

As Ashoka’s network grows, so too does the work of its many members. Read the News in your Community to stay up to date with the latest innovations and updates, or post your own.

  • Inform the Community that your work has been adopted in a new country
  • Introduce a new program or initiative that you’ve been working on
  • Share an article or video that you appreciated
  • Read the News to find out about your peers’ successes and changes

Share your ideas with many of the world’s top social entrepreneurs in Ashoka’s network to source feedback, spark collaboration or simply inspire.

  • Get constructive feedback on a new strategy you are exploring
  • Hear from experts in the field about an innovation you recently developed
  • Circulate a white paper or theory to spark critical conversation

Tags help maximize relevance across your Community. You can tag yourself with descriptors related to fields of work, locations, target populations or free tags that you create.

You can add tags to Offers, Needs, Events, News and Ideas to help them get to the right people. You can also follow tags to ensure you stay up to date on relevant people and opportunities popping up across the network.

Once you activate your account, AshokaHub will send you a personalized weekly email digest with the most relevant content for you, based on what you are following. If you are an Ashoka Fellow, your initial settings will be to follow tags related to your work. Curators around the world monitor and match people and opportunities on AshokaHub.

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